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Ajit Sawant appointed Sr. Vice President, of NCU National Confederation of Unites,
organisation of IT employees.


'Founding Conference of National Confederation of Unites (NCU)' a National level organisation of IT/ITES employees.


BITEC Team with IT sector employees at Pune.


Bro. Rajendra Acharya sharing his views at 'UNI Apro National Empowerment program for women and Youth'.
Also in the picture, Mr. Ajit Sawant, Bro. Milind Nadkarni and Sis. Sharada.

Bitec Initiation

BITEC (BPO-IT Employees' Confederation an independent non-political organization was inaugurated on Saturday 10th May 2014, in a function held at Hotel Kohinoor Plaza by Mr. Subhash Malgi, General Secretary, All India Hind Mazdur Kisan Punchayat. G. B. Gawde, Director, Ambekar Institute of Labour Studies & Milind Nadkarni, President, Indian Liason Council, UNI were present.

Mr. Subhash Malgi congratulated all the brave hearted employees of IT & BPO sector who have come forward to form this organization. He further said there is nothing wrong for the employees to organize themselves to protect their rights as even the employers and bureaucrats to have their organization to protect their own interest. Mr. Malgi added that we must strive for the prosperity of the industry and should not feel shy to ask for share in the prosperity with dignity. Mr. G. B. Gawde, Director, Ambekar Institute of Labour Studies, assured his co-operation in organizing training programmes for the BITEC Members, to enable them to build their organization. Mr. Milind Nadkarni on behalf of UNI Global Union welcomed this new organization for IT & BPO Employees and expressed that this organization will give new dimension to employer & employee relationship in Indian industry.

Mr. Ajit Sawant, President, BITEC said this is a first organization in Maharashtra formed exclusively for the benefit of the workers in the IT Industry and will also strive for the continuance of the good health of the IT Industry by creating harmonious relationship between employers and employees. He mentioned that BITEC strongly believes in doing things differently in tune with the aspirations of the new genre of workers in the IT Industry. He added that IT industry has put India prominently on the global map and is worth USD 118 billion in 2014. Mr. Sawant further said IT & ITES has 8.1% share in national GDP and has crossed US$100 billion in 15 years and is expected to reach US$ 200 billion in next 5 years.

Mr. Sawant stated Millions of jobs are created in IT & ITES & it is the largest private sector employer & the increasing opportunities in IT & ITES are changing lives in India, providing employment to youths in large numbers. Mr. Sawant explained that IT & BPO Industry is facing many external challenges posing the question that would the same scenario be for the employees working in the IT industry? He further said - "the challenges before them are many. Job security being predominant among them. Decent working hours, fair wage s linked to the profitability of the company and an opportunity for continuous skill up gradation. This would require for the employees to get organized and have voice of their own". Mr. Ajit Sawant appealed to employees working in BPOs, Call Centers and in IT related companies to take that one step with courage and conviction to make BITEC truly their own voice in the industry and for the industry.

Ms. Anjali Bedekar, Co - ordinator, UNI ILC Activities in India, stated that a unique opportunity has now opened up for the employees working in the IT industry in the form of BITEC. She further said BITEC has sought affiliation to 'Union Network International'(UNI). UNI is the Global Union for Skills and Services employees having more than 1000 affiliated unions in 150 countries around the world representing more than 15 million workers. UNI operates across industrial boundaries to bring together members with a common interest - women, youth, professional and managerial staff.