About Us

What BITEC will provide to BPO employee?

-BITEC is exclusively for and of BPO employees, and therefore is empowered to resolve issues concerning BPO employees.
-BITEC believes in creating Future Leaders among BPO employee by providing them the right opportunity, like minded group, knowledge and direction.
-BITEC truly believes that by 'DASH', which are the core values of the organization, will excel ahead and protect rights of all employees as well as create feeling of job security among our colleagues and assist them for a bright future.
-BITEC will equip all its members with the Knowledge of Cyber laws, BPO related case studies and latest happenings in I.T. sector with its training programs and periodical communications.
-BITEC will emerge with new innovative ideas, strong database and high price planning, which will get converted into perseverance, deliverance and achievements.

Our Objectives and Motto:

-To ensure healthy and safe working conditions, Assuring job security, To guide and assist for future planning.
-Create awareness about legal rights and prevent employee's victimization.
-BITEC will Guide, Develop and Train BPO employees for their bright career.

What Confederation will do?

-Corporate Programs e.g. surveys, online services, group discussion etc.
-Organizing Training programs e.g. meetings, seminars, training sessions, mock sessions etc.
-Health related programs e.g. Health campaigns, Awareness on Occupational hazards etc. through BITEC online services and social networking.
-Design and Implementation of social security measures.
-Standardising Work Force: BITEC will conduct training programs for Human Resource Development. By this it will try to standardize recruitment, on Job training and ensure job for all.

Job security and career assistance:

-BITEC will ensure each one working in BPO industry will get stable and secured source of income, assist them to get deserving job and better growth in the career.
-Creating Corporate Interactive (Online/ In house) Programs: By this employer-employee can interact with each other, promoting employee-employer consultation in mutual interest.
-Implementing Health Programs: BITEC will help to make employees life healthy, stress free and addiction free.


-To create awareness among employers, employees and Government about need of Unionization in I.T. sector.
-To persuade Government to establish strong legal framework to protect legal rights, to provide social security and ensuring healthy, stress-free working conditions to I-T employees.
-Identifying Right people to lead and take responsibility of organizing employees in I-T sector.
-To make consistent efforts for the growth and development of I-T sector in India.
-Database creation of employees having professional skills and experience and make it available to Industry.
-Result oriented training programs for creating street smart qualities.

How BITEC will take up this challenges:

-Regular interaction with the Government at all levels.
-Regular interaction with the Employer.
-Create networking with the Employees.
-Create Strong Team Work.
-Providing Up to date knowledge and information on issues related IT sector.
-Creating and Upgrading Practical Database.
-Delegation of Responsibility.